Our expertise


R&D team focused on innovation

At Displaid, our research and development team is constantly looking for improvements that can be brought to the healthcare environment. Our multidisciplinary engineering team provides a high level of expertise and understanding of all the new projects we undertake.


Reinventing the customer experience for a 100% of satisfaction

Patient wellness is the very reason Displaid was founded. It is the quest to improve the quality of life of kidney and heart failure patients that drives our team members to excel. We do everything we can to ensure that our product satisfies our customers in the best possible way. It is for a product and a service that meet their expectations that our clients do business with our team.


Expertise in AI

Our expertise in the field of artificial intelligence leads us to have a vision focused on information acquisition for all our projects. At Displaid, knowledge and information are two crucial factors for success. It is through knowledge and information that our team is able to take on complex issues and understand them better.


Knowledge of the health care environment

Our experience in the healthcare field gives us access to a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to integrate technology into the healthcare environment. In fact, the Displaid team is able to bridge the gap between the innovation and healthcare sectors in order to understand the pathological and biological problems of healthcare professionals and to provide an innovative solution that meets their needs.