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Welcome to our FAQ, where we provide answers to common questions about our company and our medical imaging technology. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us directly. Our team is here to assist you.

Displaid offers a revolutionary solution in the field of medical imaging. Our offering consists of an innovative portable thoracic belt designed for use by patients in the comfort of their own homes. This cutting-edge technology incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the presence of pulmonary fluid at an asymptomatic stage, well before the onset of obvious symptoms. By combining the effectiveness of our device with our advanced AI algorithm, we enable patients and their doctors to continuously monitor the progression of pulmonary fluid, providing a valuable preventive solution for patients with chronic diseases.

Displaid was founded in the summer of 2021 through the initiative of Jonathan Boudreau, then a student in electrical engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal (ÉTS). The idea behind Displaid originated from the personal concern of one of the co-founders, related to a family member suffering from advanced kidney failure. Faced with this issue, Jonathan set out to find a solution. It was during an entrepreneurship course that he and his fellow team members at the time identified the pressing need for innovative tools for patients with chronic diseases, especially those facing pulmonary fluid issues. Their ambition was to create a solution that would help these patients regain control of their health by providing early and convenient access to crucial information through at-home medical imaging technology.

Thus, the creation of Displaid is the result of a genuine commitment to making a difference in patients’ lives, fueled by a personal experience that showed how necessary such a solution was. Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to developing and implementing this vision by combining technical expertise, ingenuity, and a dedication to patient health.


The imaging device comes in the form of a thoracic belt worn by the patient for approximately one minute. Using an artificial intelligence algorithm, it detects the presence of pulmonary fluid at an asymptomatic stage.

Displaid’s medical innovation can reduce hospitalizations by approximately 45% according to current literature. This means less time in the hospital for patients and fewer concerns about potential complications.

We believe telemedicine is the future of healthcare, and our product aligns with that vision. Rather than adding a new device to healthcare professionals’ workload, our technology aims to lighten their workload by providing valuable medical data remotely.

We plan to conduct several in-depth clinical studies to document and demonstrate the significant reductions in hospitalizations associated with the use of our device. These studies will provide a strong foundation for convincing doctors of the relevance of our product.