Who are we?

Thanks to our technological expertise and our constant search for innovations, we help health professionals offer better care by allowing them to do a better follow-up with their patients suffering from renal or cardiac insufficiency.

Our multidisciplinary team is constantly working to bring better tools to help patients. Improving the quality of life of patients so that they can regain control of their lives is what Displaid is all about and what drives us to push the limits every day.

Our vision

Our vision at Displaid is to become a leader in remote medical imaging. Wherever people go, our goal is to have portable medical imaging devices accompany them, ensuring easy access to technology for all.

Our mission

Our mission is to help patients with chronic diseases regain control. We offer patients a way to access medical imaging technology in their homes to reduce their risk of hospitalization and improve their quality of life.

Our history

Displaid was founded in 2021 by Jonathan Boudreau, a student in electrical engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal (ÉTS). During an entrepreneurship course taken in 2021, Jonathan and his teammates at the time identified a problem with the lack of tools for heart failure patients. Following this course, Jonathan contacted Frédérick Drouin and Carlos César Fallaque Beltran, two fellow electrical engineering students with an interest in entrepreneurship, to start an entrepreneurial project to solve the identified problem. With Frédérick bringing experience in project financing and Carlos Cesar in technological expertise, the team then recruited Mathieu Rivet, a student in biomedical engineering from Polytechnique Montréal, to bring a health-oriented vision to the project. It is with this team of four that Displaid was founded in the summer of 2021.

Our values

Displaid promotes a company culture based on communication. It is essential to us that our entire team feels comfortable in their activities and shares with the rest of the team possible improvements within the company. It is with the input of all our employees that Displaid can produce the best product and best meet the needs of our customers.